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My name is Etienne Mueller,

I am a Fashion and Beauty photographer based in Stuttgart and Cologne as well as a fully equipped studio near Stuttgart.


In 2004 I completed my training as a make-up artist in the private school "Die Maske" in Cologne.

In the following years, as a make-up artist, I was able to collect a lot of impressions in a wide variety of photo and advertising campaigns and thus aroused my interest in photography.


In 2009 I opened my own photo studio - rental studio, which is how I met star photographer Andre Rau (Paris).

I had the opportunity to assist him for a few years and learned a lot during this time

Gaining experience and thereby working for national and international productions for magazines such as German Vogue, VOTRE BEAUTE France and Amiga Italy.


I can bring this experience to my work and have developed my own style and mainly concentrated on studio photography and built up a good network of model agencies, make-up artists and stylists.


If you like my work

and you want to work with me

I look forward to hearing from you.









              Etienne Mueller



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